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Restoration of the Mount Vernon Depot    

     The restoration of Mount Vernon’s Baltimore & Ohio Railroad depot began in the early summer of 2001 when a local resident, Phil Samuell, approached Mount Vernon Mayor Richard Mavis about the possibility of the City purchasing the depot and restoring it.

     A proposal was made to Mount Vernon City Council about a private/public restoration effort with some financial assistance from the City, but with the majority of funds coming from private donations. (see depot costs chart).

     The City bought the depot from CSX Transportation of Jacksonville, Fla., for $160,000 in 2002 ($85,000 private/$75,000 City). In 2003, several contracts were awarded to repair, restore, clean and paint the exterior woodwork, repair the quarry tile roof, and replace broken glass (more than 40 panes).

     Throughout 2004 and 2005, various projects were completed. In 2006, major work began on the interior of building, including all new electric, plumbing and the installation of a geo-thermal heating and air conditioning system. Insulation was added to the stone base and in the attic.

     The Carpenter’s Sons of Gambier were brought in to complete the interior restoration, including woodwork, floors, doors, painting, and the design and completion of the catering kitchen.

     A grand opening was held October 18-21, 2007 where the public was invited to tour the building. The Ohio Central Railroad donated a 4-6-2 steam locomotive for the occasion, which sat in front of the station the entire weekend.

     Our generous contributors are listed on our donor list, which you can download here and see in the freight room of the depot. Our many thanks of appreciation to all those individuals, organizations and businesses who participated in the restoration.

Restored B&O Train StationB&O Train Depot


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Additional Restoration Photos:
Restored Train Station B&O Depot Restoration Train Depot Restoration
Restored B&O Train Station Restored B&O Train Station